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The following regulations specify the purchase rules in online store, run by Przemysław Witas Investments company with registered seat in Katowice 40-018, ul. Graniczna 49A/26, NIP: 9542604704, Regon: 241367337.

§1 Definitions

  1. Regulations – this regulations of the online store.
  2. Client – a natural person with full legal capacity, as well as a legal person or an organizational unit without legal capacity who makes an Order in the Online Store in accordance with these regulations.
  3. Consumer – Client and also a natural person, who uses the Online Store in a way not directly related to their professional or business activity.
  4. Seller – Przemysław Witas conducting business activity under the name: Usługi Finansowo Handlowe Przemysław Witas, z siedzibą w Katowicach 40-018, ul. Graniczna 49A/26, NIP: 9542604704, Regon: 241367337.
  5. Object of sale – Goods listed and described on the Online Store’s website.
  6. Goods – movables to which the Sales Agreement relates to, presented in the Online Store.
  7. Additional Service – a service provided by the Seller to the Client beyond the Online Store due to the specifics of sold Goods.
  8. Sales Agreement – a sales agreement concluded electronically in accordance to the rules specified in Regulations, between the Client and the Seller.
  9. Online Store (Store) – online website available at, in which the Client is able to place an Order.
  10. Order – Client’s statement of will which unambiguously states the type and number of Goods, with direct intent to conclude the Sales Agreement.
  11. IT system – a system of IT devices and software working together; processing and storing as well as sending and receiving data over telecom networks, through network-specific end-device.
  12. Business days – days of the week form Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
  13. Supplier – employee of a courier company or the seller, who is delivering ordered goods.

§2 General provisions

  1. This Regulations specify the rules of use of the online store available at
  2. Seller is available for contact in Polish or English only.
  3. The Order in the Online Store can be made by the Client, on condition he gets acquainted with this Regulations and accepts it in the process of making the Order.
  4. Online Store conducts retail sales online.
  5. All Goods offered in the shop are new, free of legal and physical flaws, and have been legally imported to the EU market.
  6. The Client should be in possession of an active e-mail account and a device connected to the internet, in order to meet technical conditions required to connect to the IT system used by the Seller to conduct sales.

§3 Placing orders

  1. The information published on the Online Store’s website should not constitute a Seller’s offer in the meaning of the Polish Civil Code, but only an invitation for the Clients to place Sales Agreement offers.
  2. All prices in the online store are gross prices in Euro (). The prices do not include shipping costs.
  3. Orders are taken on the online store’s website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.
  4. Placing an order by the Client is considered to be a conclusion of a sales agreement for the goods that are the subject of the order.
  5. After the order is placed, the Seller sends a confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the Client. The confirmation of receiving the order is considered to be Seller’s statement of acceptance of the offer discussed in section 4.
  6. Seller verifies the availability of the Goods in Online Store’s stock. If the Seller is not able to complete the order, the Client will be informed about the circumstances immediately.
  7. If the completion of the order is not possible, the Seller will suggest cancelling the order, or completing part of it in accordance to the availability of the goods in stock.
  8. The time of the start of the order’s completion ties in with the moment the amount payable is received by the Seller.

§4 Shipping goods

  1. We ship only to clients within the EU.
  2. There is a possibility to send beyond EU after prior arrangements via e-mail –
  3. The goods are sent to the address specified in the order form. The store will notify the Client about an incorrectly filled order form, which prevents or postpones the shipping immediately. If it is impossible to contact the Client, the Seller has the right to cancel the Order.
  4. The goods are delivered with specialised courier firms or Polis Post Office. In some cases, the goods may be delivered by the Seller or picked up directly by the Client on an arranged date and location.
  5. Each package is delivered in accordance with shipping information provided next to each product on the store’s website. It is an approximate time stated in business days. Time needed to register the payment should be added (usually 1-2 business days).
  6. Client pays for the shipping cost in accordance with shipping cost information provided next to each product on the store’s website.
  7. Client should open and examine the contents of the package upon arrival and in the presence of the Supplier. In the event of damages or an incomplete package, Client should fill the appropriate protocol in the presence of the Supplier.

§5 Payments

  1. We provide purchase confirmation in a form of a receipt for each sold product.
  2. Payments for purchased goods are completed with a transfer to Seller’s account.

§6 Withdrawal from agreement

  1. Consumer who purchased goods online or outside of a shop has the right to cancel by filing an appropriate statement in writing within 14 days, for any reason and with no justification. This deadline is intransgressible and counts from the moments the goods were delivered. In order to hold on to this deadline, only a statement has to be sent to the Seller within it.
  2. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement concluded remotely, the agreement is considered to be not concluded. What parties have provided is returned in an unaltered state.
  3. Consumer is obliged to return the purchased goods immediately, within 14 days from sending the statement of withdrawal from the agreement. Purchased goods should be returned to the following address: Usługi Finansowo Handlowe Przemysław Witas ul. Panewnicka 228i, 40-772 Katowice, POLAND.
  4. The goods should be properly secured for the transport.
  5. If the sent goods are undamaged, the Seller will immediately return the costs to the account number the Consumer will state in the statement of withdrawal from the agreement, within 14 days from the return of the goods.
  6. Custom made furniture is not subject to return.
  7. The costs of the return shipping to our store are not subject to refund.

§7 Complaint procedure

  1. Client should open and examine the Goods accepted from the Supplier in his presence. In the event of damages, Client prepares a damage protocol with the Supplier.
  2. Complaint related to damaged goods can be filed on condition of sending a handwritten damage protocol prepared during the acceptance of the goods, in line with section 1.
  3. Client is obliged to immediately unpack the furniture made wholly or partially from wood, within 14 days from delivery.
  4. Seller is responsible for nonconformity of goods with the contract for the time of 2 years from the day of delivery if Client who is also the Consumer, states so. Client who is also the Consumer is obliged to notify the Seller about the discovered nonconformity of goods with the contract, within 2 months of discovering such nonconformity.
  5. In order for the complaint to be considered, Client should send or deliver the Goods in question along with the receipt. Goods in question should be delivered or sent to the following address: Usługi Finansowo Handlowe Przemysław Witas ul. Panewnicka 228i, 40-772 Katowice, POLAND. If the claim is successful, the Seller returns the proved shipping costs to the Client.
  6. The Seller will consider the complaint within 14 days from the date of the complaint being filed. If the claim is successful, the Seller will repair or exchange the product in question for a new, fully adequate one or return the amount paid.

§8 Privacy policy and personal information protection

  1. The Seller is the administrator of the personal information shared by Clients of the online store in relation to purchases.
  2. Personal information is used to complete sales agreements and so it can be passed to entities responsible for the delivery of purchased goods and, in case of instalment plans, to institutions providing credit for the purchase. Clients have the right to access the contents of their information and to alter them. Information is passed voluntarily.
  3. Information about the methods and technical means used to detect and correct mistakes in entered information: a. During placement of the Order, before clicking ‘Place order’ button, Clients who have accounts in the Online store can correct the entered information on their own via editing their account profile. b. The Order can be verified or corrected through an e-mail sent to the Seller to c. Client can change the information entered during the creation of the account anytime, within the available options.
  4. Information about rules and ways of solidification, protection and making available of the contents of the concluded Sales Agreement by the Seller with other parties: a. Solidification, protection and making available the contents of the concluded agreement is made by sending a due e-mail message after concluding the Sales Agreement. b. Solidification, protection and making available the contents of the concluded Sales Agreement is made by sending the Client, to a specified e-mail address provided, the contents of the concluded agreement or by giving the Client specification of the Order along with the receipt. c. The contents of the concluded agreement is also solidified and protected within the Seller’s IT system and made available on Clients request.
  5. Details of cookie policy can be found on site

§9 Change of regulations

  1. Regulations are effective upon publication on the Online Store’s website. Each new regulations replace the former ones.
  2. Orders placed by the Clients before the introduction of changes to the Regulations will be completed in accordance with the former Regulations provisions.

§10 Final Provisions

  1. To all matters not settled in Regulations provisions of Polish Civil Code, Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014 and other adequate provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  2. Any dispute, arising out of or relating to this Regulations due to fulfilment of agreements concluded between the Seller and Clients, will be settled by an adequate court in accordance with material jurisdiction provisions as stated in Act of 17 November 1964, Polish Code of civil procedure (Consolidated Text, Journal of Laws, No. 43, Item 296, as amended).

Publishing Date: 24.10.2016.